A long-distance move is a relocation service offered to customers for a distance of more than 100 km from Edmonton Alberta. This move may occur due to a new job offer, family relocation, wanting a change of scenery, and many other factors. We understand that during this process it can be both exciting and cumbersome at the same time. That is why at Last Stop Moving Company, we understand the challenges that may come with the move and our commitment to you is to make the whole process exciting and seamless.

We offer local moves in the areas listed below


St Albert


Stony Plain


Bon Accord

Betula Beach

Red Water


Our plans for the long-distance move

Customers plan before the move.

  • Set aside a budget for the move to avoid overspending
  • Contact three or more companies to compare their quote in order to proceed with the moving plan.
  • Alert your close friends and relatives about the move.
  • Decide on the moving date of your choice.
  • Work closely with the moving company's coordinator to air out your preferences on packing and items that need delicate handling.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Your peace of mind matters to us. That's why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your belongings during transit. While we handle your items with the utmost care, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Rest assured, our insurance coverage ensures that your possessions are protected throughout the entire journey, providing you with added security and reassurance.


  • You reach out to us either via our website, phone, or in-person visit.
  • Our team schedules an estimate to understand your moving needs, discussing services required, timelines, and any specific requests.
  • Based on the estimate, we create a tailored moving plan detailing services, timelines, and costs.
  • You'll receive a comprehensive overview of the plan and an opportunity to discuss and adjust as needed.
  • On the scheduled day, our expert team arrives to commence packing using high-quality materials and techniques.
  • You can opt to be involved in the packing process or leave it entirely to our professionals.
  • Once packed and labeled, your belongings are carefully loaded onto our trucks, ensuring secure placement for the journey.
  • Throughout transportation, you can track your shipment through our provided tools or reach out to our customer support for updates.
  • Upon arrival at your new location, our team unloads your possessions with precision, placing them as per your instructions.
  • We can assist with unpacking if desired, making the settling-in process smoother for you.
  • We encourage your active involvement at every stage, providing open communication channels to address queries or changes.
  • Our dedicated contact person will keep you informed, ensuring a transparent and collaborative process from start to finish.
  • After the move, we follow up to ensure your satisfaction, addressing any additional needs or feedback you might have.
At Last Stop Moving, we prioritize the use of dependable transport methods and a streamlined logistics approach to ensure a smooth and timely long-distance move for our customers.
Types of long-distance services that we offer

This is when a customer prefers the idea of letting a team of professional movers take up the task of handling every aspect of the move.

Equipment used during the moving process

Blanket wraps

We anticipate that you may be worried about the safety of your belongings. That is where we bring in the blanket wraps to protect your belongings during transit to avoid damage.

Bubble wraps

Provide a protective layer to prevent delicate and fragile items from breaking.

Sturdy boxes

The best in ensuring that your delicate belongings are safe during the long distance moves


Dollies make work easier by reducing strains and backaches of lifting, saving on time.

Packing tapes

This is used to seal up the boxes and to hold the bubble wrap and blanket wraps in place.

Floor runners 

We anticipate that you may be worried about the safety of your belongings. That is where we bring in the blanket wraps to protect your belongings during transit to avoid damage.

Factors that determine the cost of your move

Companies' experience in long-distance moves

Our company has vast experience in handling long-distance moves. We have an experienced team of qualified drivers who have knowledge in navigating different types of roads, slow and high traffic is not an issue for them. They will ensure to make the move is smooth, enjoyable, and adventurous for you. They are experienced in handling any type of weather thrown at them. we guarantee you the best service in the industry, you do not need to worry come join us and experience the best we can offer.

Companies trucks

We understand you may be worried about how safe our trucks are or if your belongings will reach the destination in perfect condition. Worry not, our company trucks are maintained and serviced regularly to ensure the safety and better transportation of our customers' belongings. our company trucks are insured against unlikely incidents that may occur.

Loading and unloading

Our team is professional and experienced in loading your belongings onto the truck. We ensure careful organization of the items on the trucks to maximize space and secure the items for better transportation to avoid damage to the items.
During offloading, we ensure that your belongings are offloaded carefully. We assemble the furniture and put your belongings in their respective rooms. The coordinator will go through the entire inventory list with you to ensure every item is available and still in perfect condition.

Transportation and Logistics

At Last Stop Moving, we prioritize the use of dependable transport methods and a streamlined logistics approach to ensure a smooth and timely long-distance move for our customers.

1. Transportation Vehicles:

2. Reliability and Safety Measures:

3. Delivery Timeframe:

4. Factors Affecting Timelines:

Additional Services

At last stop moving, we understand that every move is unique, and sometimes additional services are required to accommodate specific circumstances. We offer a range of supplementary services to ensure a seamless long-distance moving experience.

  • Beyond our standard offerings, we cater to personalized requests and unique needs.
  • Whether it's additional packing materials, specialized handling for specific items, or unique transportation arrangements, we're here to accommodate your requests.
  • We prioritize flexibility, allowing you to modify your service package based on evolving circumstances or unforeseen changes in your moving plans.
  • Our team is committed to finding solutions that align with your preferences and schedule, ensuring a stress-free moving experience.
  • Before incorporating additional services, we provide transparent pricing and consultation, ensuring you're fully informed about the costs and benefits of any extra services you opt for.
Moving Tips/Faqs

Our moving company provides a wide range of services, including local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and storage options. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Getting a quote is easy! Simply fill out our online quote request form with details about your move, such as the location, size of your home, and any special requirements. Our team will review the information and provide you with a customized quote promptly.

Yes, your belongings are insured during the move. We offer basic insurance coverage as part of our standard package. Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional insurance for extra peace of mind.

It's recommended to book your move as early as possible to secure your preferred moving date. During peak seasons, such as summer, moving availability can fill up quickly. Contact us to check our availability and schedule your move at your convenience.

To ensure a smooth moving day, we recommend you start packing well in advance. Label your boxes with their contents and destination rooms to make unpacking easier. Disconnect appliances, defrost your refrigerator, and keep essentials like medications and important documents handy during the move.

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