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Need a last minute mover in Edmonton?

So things didn’t go according to plan… Now you find yourself in need of last-minute movers in Edmonton. There are tons of reasons why you’d need a last-minute moving company; maybe you are going through a breakup, maybe your lease has ended and you hadn’t made the necessary plans, Don’t worry, we are here to take care of you, we don’t judge, we are here to ensure that you move on time.
An Emergency or Last-Minute Move is a move that needs to be facilitated in a very short period of time. For most moves, we usually advise our clients to begin preparations at least 2 months prior to the move date. You can review our “Moving Checklist Here”. Emergency moves are those that need to be processed in two days or less. You therefore need a moving company that can take on two months of scheduling and do it in two days or less, while remaining professional and organized.
Are you looking for a reliable and professional emergency moving company in Edmonton? Call +587 602 4858 Now for a FREE and ACCURATE Estimate. A move coordinator will get in touch with you in 5 minutes or less.

Last Stop Is Your Emergency Mover

We get it, moving is stressful (we do it every day), and organizing it at the 11th hour doesn’t help with the stress. That's why Last Stop Moving offers the following services to ensure a Stress-Free move.

  1. Supply Drops: We know that you want to start packing and have everything ready before the movers arrive. With the limited time you’ve got, you wouldn’t want to go scrumbling to the stores for packing supplies. We can have our guys drop off all the packing materials you need.
  2. Packing Help: Find yourself short on time and need help packing those boxes? Don't worry. On your initial call, let us know that you'll be requiring packing services as well, and your moving crew will be sure to bring packing supplies and assist you with the packing. After all, we are a full-service moving company, that means our trained movers are capable of handling all aspects of your move.
  3. Last Min Storage: For some of our clients, moving might find you wanting more space to temporarily store a few items. Maybe there isn’t enough room at your destination, or maybe you want to have everything come in piece by piece as you organize your new home. With our Fully Secured and Affordable Storage solutions, we can quickly get sort you out and ensure we get you the best storage solution tailored to your specifics needs.

We understand that there is a lot that goes on during last-minute/emergency moves. Our movers are trained in Stress Management, and because of our vast experience in moving, we can guarantee a calmed, relaxed and organized move. Trust us, it’s what we do everyday, recognized and accredited by the Edmonton Community. .

Edmonton’s Emergency Moving Experts

We don’t just say we know Edmonton, We do. We are an Alberta-built family business that has been part of the Edmonton community since its inception. Like any other city, Edmonton's got its unique challenges regarding emergency moving. Whether it's the tight streets in Queen Alexandria or the parking restrictions downtown, we are knowledgeable and experienced to handle them.

When you need an emergency move done, time is what you are in short supply of. You don't want a company that doesn't know the city like we do. Part of what sets us apart from the other movers is our capability to tailor each move based on your preference, including which streets to take to minimize the time it takes to drive to the destination. We work on an hourly based rate, so we appreciate every minute of the job that you have to pay for.

Unlike most cities, Edmonton’s winters can be brutal. Temperatures drop to as low as -30, and there can be issues with trucks not starting, roads being slippery, and the general chaos that comes with the extreme cold. We ensure to stay prepared for any such occasions, ensuring that whether it’s the summer or winter, we can still quickly and professionally facilitate your emergency move.

Ready when you are

Do you need an emergency mover in Edmonton? We are ready and here for you, whatever the time. Whether it's on a weekend, late in the evening or even on a significant holiday, Last Stop Moving is here to serve you at this time of need. Ideally, we are able to process your move on the same day, if not, then have it done the next day to ensure every unique circumstance is addressed and taken care of.

When it comes to dispatching the guys, we can have a crew ready to go and a truck on the road fully loaded with all the equipment needed in under an hour from the initial call. As far as we know,  we are one of the few moving companies in Edmonton that offers this service. Whereas others like to have their schedules booked weeks in advance, we have built a name for ourselves by being able to process last-minute moves fast and professionally.

Understanding your emergency 

Between the stress of having to plan a last minute move, the stress of packing and moving, and the additional stress of dealing with the reason for your moving, this can be an overwhelming circumstance. Our trained consultants understand the weight of it all, and will be there to guide you through each step of the process. They will be able to arrange and organize all the details required to ensure a fast and stress-free move for you based on your needs.

With one call to Last Stop Movin g, you will be able to take care of each and every detail of your move. Whether its purchasing and delivery of packing materials, figuring out which routes to take, assisting with packing services by professionals, or any other small detail you can think of, we will ensure a complete and guided breakdown of all the steps of your move.

To help you along with your decision on how to pick the right emergency movers in Edmonton, below is a short list of factors to consider.

Licensed and Insured Company

You don’t want the added stress of having to deal with damaged or lost items. Make sure that the movers you pick are a licensed and recognized company in the Edmonton community. A great mover knows that accidents do happen, and they take the necessary steps to ensure that you get compensated for any such accidents.

Reputable company

You might be in this spot right now because your chosen movers failed to show up on moving day. Ensure that you select a company that guarantees their availability on move day. Moving companies guarantee this by asking that all clients pay a deposit prior to the move. The deposit is a guarantee that your movers will be there and ready to work on move day. At Last Stop Moving, we ask for $100 deposit which is refundable should change your mind, or is deducted from your total cost for the move once the job is completed.

Services offered

At Last Stop Moving, we understand that every move is unique. Each client has their own unique needs and concerns when moving. Select a mover that can provide all the services required for your move. Remember that you are racing against time, so you want all the details taken care of fast and in an organized manner.

Availability of the trucks

It seems like a minor thing, but it’s actually critical that you ensure that your selected moving company owns their own trucks. For the record, we do own all the trucks on our lot. The reason for this is that with emergency moves, things are moving fast, you don’t want movers who rely on rental trucks and cannot guarantee their availability when you need them.

Ready to Move?

For your special case, we recommend calling us directly at +1 587 602 4858 for a FREE and ACCURATE Estimate. We get that you are in a rush, so a moving coordinator will be able to get all your information and get your move underway. M

Moving Tips/Faqs

Our moving company provides a wide range of services, including local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and storage options. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Getting a quote is easy! Simply fill out our online quote request form with details about your move, such as the location, size of your home, and any special requirements. Our team will review the information and provide you with a customized quote promptly.

Yes, your belongings are insured during the move. We offer basic insurance coverage as part of our standard package. Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional insurance for extra peace of mind.

It's recommended to book your move as early as possible to secure your preferred moving date. During peak seasons, such as summer, moving availability can fill up quickly. Contact us to check our availability and schedule your move at your convenience.

To ensure a smooth moving day, we recommend you start packing well in advance. Label your boxes with their contents and destination rooms to make unpacking easier. Disconnect appliances, defrost your refrigerator, and keep essentials like medications and important documents handy during the move.

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