Senior Moving Services
A senior move is an adult moving, especially 65 years or older. Moving for seniors can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if they have spent most of their youthful, energetic years in that home. This whole process can be daunting as it involves a lot of activities that are tiring. That is where we come in as one of the top-rated moving companies offering a team of experienced movers who are caring and patient in dealing with senior moves. To make the process seamless and stress-free, we provide a move coordinator to offer companionship and a listening ear to guide and advise the seniors on the operation of the move and what is needed. This is to minimize the chaos associated with moving. Our move coordinator creates and executes a seamless plan customized to the customer's wishes. As age continues to creep in, most seniors need help handling the hustle and bustle of the moving process. They need a stress-free move without worrying about what or how their belongings will arrive safely at their new care facility or new house. Our movers are well-trained to be compassionate and caring for the seniors' needs and work according to their pace.
Customized Move Plans For Seniors.

As a full-service moving company, we provide our customers with services that others might not, which sets us apart. When it comes to specific move plans, some customers may prefer the idea of having some of their items donated. We commonly work with an organization like Find Retail Edmonton – Edmonton, whose initiative is to end homelessness by taking up donations of things that one may not need; another organization that we also work with is Habitat for humanityHome - Habitat For Humanity Edmonton ( that also has the same goals as Find retail. At Last Stop Moving, we go the extra mile to meet your needs. You might be downsizing, or maybe the senior facility you are moving to offers a smaller room that wouldn't accommodate all the items you don't want; no need to worry. Our movers provide junk removal services and will help you dispose of that couch or carpet you no longer need. We also offer full-service packing services, and our movers are precise and skilled in packing antique items that you have collected over the years and hold sentimental value to you. If, by any chance, you feel the need to sell the antique items, our movers will pack them carefully with bubble wrap to avoid any damage for them to be taken to the antique store that you feel will find the following wonderful owner who will hold the same value you had for the cherished items. We are also members and supporters of the organization SAGE SAGE: Home (, whose purpose is to provide a haven for seniors. Our compassionate nature and dedication to providing the best services to our senior customers make us stand out from other senior movers.

Reasons Why Seniors Need Senior Moving Services

Seniors require special moving services due to their physical limitations that may hinder them and cause a strain on their health.

Some of the reasons as to why seniors may need specialized services are;


Our move coordinator will help assess the items in your home and help advise on how Last Stop Moving calculates its rates. Please note that we do not have any hidden charges whatsoever. We are transparent and honest in every aspect.

Plans to make before the move
  • Set a budget aside for your move.
  • Decide on a moving date, mark it on your calendar, or note it in your journal.
  • Call a family member to assist in searching for the top-rated senior moving companies.
  • Compare the given estimates and settle on one that fits your budget.
  • Communicate with family members to inform them about the move in case they need to be involved with it and help execute your plans. Family members will also provide emotional and physical support.
Comprehensive senior moving services
  1. The move coordinator will visit the senior's home to inventory everything and write a moving plan.
  2. Movers will help declutter and sort out belongings to take on the move, those that will go into storage, and those that will go out for donations.
  3. Our movers will pack your belongings using high-quality boxes and handle them with great care.
  4. Our experienced movers will then label the boxes in significant and visible fonts to avoid confusion and enable ease when unpacking. Disassemble furniture and prepare them to be loaded onto the trucks.
  5. After packing, our movers will load the seniors' belongings onto our trucks for transportation to their new homes.
  6. At the new home, our movers will unload your belongings, assemble the furniture, unpack according to your needs and wants, and arrange everything according to how you want them to be.
  7. Our move coordinator will then go over the whole inventory list to confirm if everything checks out,
  8. We also offer storage services to store your cherished belongings for whatever period you prefer. This is to avoid stacking up items in your new home. We wouldn't want anything to stress you out when all you crave is peace of mind and tranquility.
Problems that seniors might face during a move

Moving at any given age requires much physical effort; lifting and bending to pack items are inaccessible. This involves a lot of energy to be able to accomplish the task. While many seniors might be in excellent health, the heavy duties that come with moving are not to be done by them,

Here are some of the problems seniors might face during a move;

1. Physical

Aging can come with a decrease in balance, thus the inability to stand for an extended period during the moving process. With this complication, many seniors need help to do the lifting of heavy items.Some seniors might have hearing and vision problems, so the need to send a move coordinator comes in.

2. Technological

Some seniors are not familiar with the new technology, and the idea of sending estimates to their emails or texts to their phones may not work because all they can do is answer phone calls

3. Emotional

The stress that comes from the fear of moving might make the seniors sad or sentimental about the idea of leaving behind what they cherished most and the years of relationships built in their neighborhood, adapting again to a new community might impose a lot of emotional strain on the seniors.

How do we ensure the safety of our senior's belongings during a move

As a top-rated moving company, the security of your belongings is our top priority.

We have insurance coverage that provides a cushion in the scenario of any damage or loss.

Our moves coordinator ensures inventory of every item in the house before the activity. This will help track belongings and check after the move to note everything down.

Our movers will go the extra mile to ensure your delicate items are packed separately. The boxes are labeled clearly for easy visibility during unpacking.

We also offer unpacking services at your new home. Our movers will assist you in arranging everything according to how you would like it. This will help you settle in comfortably with less stress about the move.

We also offer long-term and short-term storage facilities to store your belongings for the period of time you need them stored.

Moving Tips/Faqs

Our moving company provides a wide range of services, including local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and storage options. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Getting a quote is easy! Simply fill out our online quote request form with details about your move, such as the location, size of your home, and any special requirements. Our team will review the information and provide you with a customized quote promptly.

Yes, your belongings are insured during the move. We offer basic insurance coverage as part of our standard package. Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional insurance for extra peace of mind.

It's recommended to book your move as early as possible to secure your preferred moving date. During peak seasons, such as summer, moving availability can fill up quickly. Contact us to check our availability and schedule your move at your convenience.

To ensure a smooth moving day, we recommend you start packing well in advance. Label your boxes with their contents and destination rooms to make unpacking easier. Disconnect appliances, defrost your refrigerator, and keep essentials like medications and important documents handy during the move.

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